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Dick Simmons


     Dick J. Simmons served as a Presbyterian minister in the inner city of New York, and subsequently an intercessor for several decades. He served on a presidential commission under Ronald Reagan. He spent over 20 years interceding from Washington, DC, at the strategic epicenter of Capitol Hill. In that time, he and his wife of 50-plus years, Barbara, had significant influence on retarding the onslaught of evil in our nation's power center.  He was a walking encyclopedia of the history of spiritual awakenings, the pivotal role of prayer in revival, and the remarkable societal transformations that flowed from them. He was convinced that American pastors are at a critical crossroads and determined to challenge, inspire, and equip them to lead their men into fulfilling the Lord's heart (1 Timothy 2 command) to fervently and effectively pray our nation's leaders into a final great awakening.



David Epps


     David Epps has pastored Topeka churches for 15 years, led the National Day of Prayer Task Force in Topeka for ten years, is a worship leader and prayer leader, and was mentored by Dick Simmons.  He has ministered in Israel several times and in Russia.  In January of  2008, he led Prolife Kansas 2008, a statewide call to prayer and repentance to end abortion.

     David has led Men4Kansas since its inception in 2015 under the direction of Dick Simmons.  Dick considered Men4Kansas a prototype for men's groups, and encouraged David toward that goal.

     A desire for biblical unity in Topeka has motivated David to join with others in organizing citywide gatherings and multi-church activities for the last 25 years.  He is convinced that, as we come together in the Lord with humility and repentance, strongholds that have long plagued our city will crumble by the mighty hand of God.

     David was raised in the Baptist Church, but has embraced all streams of faith that acknowledge the authority of the Bible, the centrality of Christ in salvation and discipleship, and the Great Commission to reach the lost.


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